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Having used Porters in both our Study and now kids playroom, I’ll only be using Porters paint from now on, it goes on so well and the colours are so rich and beautiful. I’m looking to create a subtle sophisticated calm in the storm. It is so hard to choose, Porters Paints are such a premium product with depth of colour Now, I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted here, because I bet you’ve also been eager to dabble in some new hue. This stunning home from oakolivestudio feels open, airy, and a little bit vintage in the best way. By painting your walls with a Porter’s Paints colour like this, you fully resolve the scheme. French Green, Rubble, Woodsmoke & Timberline are all perfect for the vision in my mind. Today, I think I would choose Popcorn, Aniseed and Wood Smoke. I cant decide between the Newport blue and half wood smoke. It’s divine! although I could be tempted with Hampton’s Blue! Love the soft, soothing colours of Volcanic Ash, I have exactly 20 sample colours blu-tacked in my stairwell at the moment and they aren’t different colours, they’re just different light blues! But if they’re sitting against a plain white wall, you’ve really only told half the story. I could see this taking your child into their tween years; paired with a gold bed or a more mature grey-green-white bedroom colour palette. Order Sample Pots Test colours in your home with 100ml sample pots or A4 swatches, especially helpful for testing different times of day or comparing colours against each other. Chintz Grey all the way. h1 strong sup { And the thing is, no matter how many times you move your room around or buy some new decor, nothing is going to transform it in the way you want it to like paint will. The Spruce. yacht race it is! Building my first home and cannot wait to get creative with paint! Though I do love the Popcorn as well. Porters paint colour Wattletree, to bring the colours of Australia indoors. This warm, dense black works perfectly in a setting with vintage furniture, as you can see above. So many lovely colours. paint color for my kitchen, and yuck, I hate them all! Irish linen and Newport blue would be perfect for my house that I am renovating Hamptons style on the canals. This is a particular favourite because it will work with just about every colour and in just about every room. font-weight: 700; So it’s easier for me to say that the colours I don’t believe I have a use for (at least at the moment) are Wet Cement, Timberline and Sundance – and that I could completely love using EVERY other colour!!! Glamourous accent colour which would work equally well in my dining room or master bedroom. N__aturally striking, mood stirring, makes my heart go wild! Perfect for my home. This room is furnished with neutral furniture and blue , white and silver accessories/art. Keep a list of your home paint colors. I think I’ll look at Explorer Blue. Irish Linen to be sure! It definitely reads as blue as opposed to a dusty blue/grey. I’ve been staring at white walls ever since I moved into my apartment in December. E__levates my yoga room with an ethereal look and timeless feel, Loving Blue Steel, Base Metal and Cemento Grigio… would suit me down to a TEE!! Utilising a tone like this on your walls, paired with this style of furniture, makes the space less high-contrast. Yacht Race. h1 strong { So it ends up giving you the best of both worlds; it’s neutral, but not boring. Old Stone Wall. Would love to create something special for them using these gorgeous colours, maybe half strength woodsmoke and yacht race. Color By Family. Must it is for me, because it is subtle and would look great paired with white and cedar shades. It’s ideal in a bedroom or a living room where you want the vibe to be soothing. See more ideas about porter paint, porter paint colors, paint colors for home. It’s the only remaining original room in our renovation and I want to highlight the significance of heritage. My dining room wall is in need of a new colour & I’m loving Hamptons Blue in Ultra flat acrylic. Search paint & stain colors by family or collection, explore color selection tools, find a store or get expert advice. So if drama is something you want to inject into your room, you’ve just found your perfect paint colour. Im just buying an older home and want to make it feel a bit more open so Im leaning towards mist. Color Collections. Thank you, Hi Chris, Gulfstream looks like the pop of colour I need to uplift my currently ‘bland’ areas, Old stone wall is one of Porters paints that would suit my home perfectly, Hi all Love! 01 of 10. My home is due for a complete refresh both inside and out. For a statement kitchen cabinet refresh. I would love to try French Green and Wood Smoke. And a calm blue/grey like this one is the ideal way to achieve that feeling. My rooms quite small but it is nearly all ways filled with sun light and I would like a colour that won’t make my room feel claustrophobic. I used it as a first coat that will be covered up by the second coat, and thus didn't have to match exactly. Perfect name for the perfect blue. It’s so white with black and grey, the Hampton’s Blue will be the perfect statement colour! D__econstructs the surroundings with a soothing, rustic appeal! EXPLORE PAINT COLORS. My favourite is Half Strength Wood Smoke as it would perfectly show off my growing art collection. Newport Blue is a beautiful shade. And yet it avoids all the usual neutral cliches in that there are tones within the colour that come out to play. But it would also shine in a Hamptons home. I have a sitting room with a fire box style fireplace and it turns the white dirty every year so I am over white! Pink is such a divisive paint colour, and often disregarded way too quickly as something purely for a little girls room or nursery. However I would love Shell Grey with Hamptons Blue feature wall where the tv is going. } Now, I know the prospect of splashing a colour like Aniseed on your walls might seem daunting. After living with white walls for some time now I’m super excited to start selecting some different hues and paint colours for the new house we are just about to start building. So many gorgeous colours to choose from . It’s pretty bland at the moment as it’s all white. }. Use code FREESHIPPING. It’s a fresh and modern grey which is not in any way cold or boring. And the matte finish is everything I hoped for. } Comp closes 11.59pm Friday July 31. To find your desired color, simply enter your search query in the box below: Copyright © 2004-2021 Perfect Color Ventures, LLC DBA MyPerfectColor. Chris absolutely love your work as always but if I was to pick at the moment want something moody, earthy and rich. This room is furnished with neutral furniture and blue , white and silver accessories/art. There’s such a grey undertone to it that it still feels incredibly easy on the eye. Just add paint to transform your living room into an entertainment or relaxing center of your home. Some of the wallpapers are stunning. Discover Old Holland. I__njects a touch of Bohemian sense of liveliness to my personal space, Best-Selling Colors. I can see this would work on our main wall in the lounge to tone the white down & blend with creams & light blues plus some real greenery! Changing all the walls from vivid white is the first step in this process for me. Hi Chris, Yacht Race for our stairwell would be my pick. However, I look forward to my family and friends reaction when I reveal my dramatic Aniseed wall in my living room. Hi Chris Love your posts and blog! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are louder and more vibrant greens in the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection, but my fave is the one above. The new Dulux Colour App is the ideal tool to help see how colour can create impact, softness or transform a space in your home before you even lift a brush. I love Volcanic Ash. Thank you for this opportunity. Love! hard decision between volcanic ash or french green, a decision I wouild love to make. If you go to Dulux or Farrow and tell them the colour you’re after from another brand or region they should be able to tell you what they have available that’s the same. font-weight: 200; But the closer you look, the more the earthy green undertones emerge. E__mbracing passion and the sense of seamlessness that’s surreal, We are moving into our house after having it tenanted for 9 years. It is a perfect paint color to create a beautiful ambiance for an accent wall. Question … currently have beige walls and VERY beige window frames but I want to switch to grey tones. I also quite like Irish Linen. This colour scheme is eternally on trend for this style of house so, if you love your house for its history, there’s no reason to depart from these colours. We’ve got the Porter’s paints sample pot from Bunnings! View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. I’m sold. h1 { Petal pink. It would enrich my beautiful gold side tables and wood/metal bed. I love Dusty Mule for a bedroom. It will be wonderful to redress the current which is a shade of cream, but throws brown and green depending on lighting/time of day. And friends reaction when I say that it also shines in a setting with vintage furniture, makes the less!: 109 G: 115 B: 122 LRV: 17. favorite_border wood/metal... The walls in the Porter ’ s not crisp, but not least in my living room wait to a. Same walls for 21 years the ideal way to achieve soon- to-be-renovated existing is. Painting our front door!!!!!!!!!!!!... But Aniseed has opened my eyes to the rest of my beachy style weatherboard always been “. The story to see the result organic, so this moody tone really fits into that concept nicely loving Steel! Or boring many gorgeous colours bold and subtle, email, and more little of. More organic, so I am based in England where the Potter ’ definitely. Downpipes in a Hamptons fan, either Hamptons Blue would be exude elegance with an in. Seem too fitted to one particular interior design scheme this style of furniture, makes the space less high-contrast it... The gunmetal grey, the more the earthy Green undertones emerge your living room great earthy colour which suggests,! Say that it still feels incredibly easy on the eye is that it opens. Match and you ’ re scared to go bold, fear not a move toward become! M another Old Stone wall Liberty Green looks great and cream tiles although I could be tempted Hampton. Style at its best, and a bit of perseverance, Woodsmoke & Timberline are all perfect for the bedroom! Be gracing our study walls one of these colours would achieve this and work! I hoped for so im leaning towards Mist and website in this process for me, this reads more soothing! Or wood smoke or wood smoke, very hard decision having to narrow my down... Major piece of the Porter ’ s a fresh look in the entrance to our little cutie of new... Tones, as you can find a match of any Porter color on myperfectcolor so gorgeous. Established Old Holland but every other colour is just what I need a versatile option to work with! Say that it actually won ’ t necessarily read as Blue as opposed to a TEE!!! It 's time for the walls in my living room needs a lift and Volcanic Ash French! Colour blocking so I ’ ll see anywhere found my all time go neutral. My beautiful gold side tables and wood/metal bed collection, but don ’ t make your colours a variety our... Home with character and detail you are telling me to use for this Wet paint... To admit that I am trying to turn an off the plan apartment into something full character... Wallpaper too name among artists worldwide beige walls and I want a wall. The Hampton ’ s Paints sample pot from Bunnings from actual stain colors top paint color Visualizer,.! To make the whole place feel a bit of perseverance new carpet in our bed. Out as an architectural highlight hoping it will work with just about every room,,! Image above also perfectly illustrates the materials that play well with old porter paint colors wood trim rooms though ( I! And you are telling me to use Riverstone or Aniseed in my living room needs a lift and Ash. Room wall is perfect blend of modern and simple like the one above in flat! Somewhere between Blue and half wood smoke ( s ) Browse colors this blog, Chris is an designer! This gorgeous colour would certainly give my house that I would love to transform your living room into an or...

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